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About Stick On Name Labels

Our waterproof stick on labels are printed with the most eco-friendly, food-safe inks. They’re perfect for adding to all of your kids’ items for school and daycare so that they can keep track of their stuff. We love that our name labels are helping to keep lost items out of landfill & we know you will too.

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?
Yes! It’s actually our preferred way to wash our name labels. If you’ve applied your name labels to items with a smooth dry surface, they will be fine to run through the dishwasher. We don’t recommend applying labels to items with a textured surface as this may make it difficult for your label to stick to the surface properly. If you are handwashing your labels, we recommend using a soft cloth only & avoiding abrasive cleaning items like scourers, steel wool & scrubbing brushes.
What Can Stick On Labels Be Used On?
You can stick our name labels to just about all of your kids’ items. Containers, drink bottles, toys, stationery, books and more… If it leaves the house, we’ve got a label that will help it come back home. All of our stick on labels are 100% waterproof and safe to use on all of your kids’ items. They’re dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe, plus… our wrap and stick labels are washing machine and dryer friendly. You’re going to love sticking your labels to every little thing. *Please note. If you are labelling fabric items like hats and clothes, you might like to look at both our ‘wrap and stick labels’ as well as our iron on labels. Unfortunately stick on labels will not work on silicone items.
Why have I received blank labels in my kit?
If you’ve ordered our Shoe Labels or one of our Value Kits, you will have received some clear labels. They’re designed to help your kids’ shoe labels to last through all of the wear and tear of #kidlife. Where do they get all of that energy?! Simply apply your shoe name label to the innersole of your shoe, then apply the clear label over the top to make your label super durable.
How do I apply the Round Shoe Labels?
It’s super easy. Simply peel your shoe label from your label sheet & stick it to the innersole of your shoe. Once you’ve applied that label, peel a clear label from the sheet & stick it over the top of your name label. This will increase the overall durability & lifespan of your shoe labels.
What Are Our Name Labels Made From?
Our waterproof name labels are made from a BPA, Phthalate-Free vinyl and printed with Eco-friendly inks.They’re food-safe, kid-safe, and if applied correctly, they stay stuck in the dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer. You’re going to love using them.
How Environmentally Friendly Are Our Labels?
Our name labels use eco-friendly ink that helps keep thousands of lost items out of landfill. We also recycle our printing cartridges through Planet Ark. It’s just another little thing we try to do to help reduce our footprint for our future generations.


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