Designer Bag Tags
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Designer Bag Tags

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Say goodbye to lost bags! In a world where bags and luggage all look the same, Bag Tags are a must, especially for busy families. Now your child will easily spot their bag among the rest.

These durable plastic tags feature your child's name along with a fun design that makes them quickly identifiable in busy locations such as airports, as well as everyday use at school or sports.

  • Ideal for School, library and lunch bags, suitcases & more!
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Comes with plastic loop
  • Helps stop lost belongings
  • Lasts for years to come
  • 6cm W x 12cm H (2.3" x 4.7")

Our Bag Tags feature two customisable lines of text, where you can easily insert your child's first and last name. If you choose not to include the last name, you can replace that with a telephone number or their class name. Additional information is easy to include on the back of the tag in permanent marker or with a label.

Bag Tags attach easily via the accompanying plastic loop to handles of any size bag, and are the perfect way to identify your child's bag in busy places. For directions on the application of the Bag Tag, please see our image gallery.

Made from a durable plastic, they'll look fantastic for years and they won't tear easily. Each Bag Tag comes with a sturdy plastic loop that easily wraps around the handle of all sized bags.

Bag Tag size: 6cm wide x 12cm high (2.3" x 4.7").

Please Note: Whatever you type in the personalisation fields will be what is printed, so please make sure to double check your spelling.

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Recent Reviews (367) Write a Review
  1. 17/05/2019
    Very Durable!

    Love this Bag Tag! It has lasted the entire year and most of all my son loves the design.

    Natasha Asinsin
  2. 7/05/2019
    Awesome product!

    The Designer Bag Tags are awesome! My kids love them and it makes it so easy to locate their bags!

    Bec Gregory
  3. 4/05/2019

    Nice Bag Tag, fantastic size and strength!

  4. 29/04/2019
    Love these Bag Tags!

    Love the colours & quality of these Bag Tags! This is a fantastic product!

    Vanessa Da Silva
  5. 24/04/2019
    Easy to use & looks great!

    My son started school this year and was super excited to pick the design of his Bag Tag!

  6. 23/04/2019

    Great quality Bag Tags and super fast shipping!

    Cindy Holden
  7. 10/04/2019
    Good quality product!

    I really love the durable plastic of the Bag Tag, its not too thick and the design options were great! Really happy with this product which we will get lots of use out of!

  8. 31/03/2019
    We love it!

    I got a Bag Tag for each of my kid's Lunch Bags. They're awesome!

  9. 29/03/2019

    The size of these Bag Tags is great! Perfect size so you can see their names. They are bright and very noticeable.

    Ashleigh Harm
  10. 25/03/2019
    Amazing Bag Tag!

    I recently bought a Bag Tag for my daughter. It arrived within 2-3 days and was better than I ever expected, amazing quality and the print is amazing! Highly recommend! I'm buying more today!

    Stefanie -anne gaertner
  11. 21/03/2019

    The Bags Tags are exactly as described! No surprises they are amazing quality and the design looks really great! The shipping was really quick!

    Courtney Kadwell
  12. 10/03/2019
    Dinosaur Bag Tag is cool!

    My dinosaur-crazy kids will love the cute Dinosaur design and parents will love that their kids can easily recognize their own bag in a sea of the same bags. Good quality Bag Tag!

  13. 2/03/2019

    I wanted a way to make my son's school backpack personal so it didn't get lost in the sea of school backpacks - without personalising the bag itself. This Bag Tag was perfect. it was easy to attach to the bag, so far seems very durable, and makes it easy to pick his bag out. if he ever gets tired or outgrows the Rocket Ship design then we come back and he can pick another design!

    Rebecca Gowen
  14. 1/03/2019
    Love it!

    My son loved this Bag Tag, he put it on his bag as soon as he received it!

  15. 27/02/2019
    Never lose a bag again!

    Love the personalisation of these Bag Tags. Handy for travelling and for school.

    Carissa Harris
  16. 26/02/2019
    Every child needs a BAG TAG!

    I have two children, one has a fairly common name and the other one doesn't, I hate going to the shops and seeing my son's name on everything but nothing with my daughters. So stores like BRIGHT STAR KIDS - give the option of personalising EVERYTHING and I love it! That way all your kids can feel included, common name or not. They both have personalised bag tags and it makes it so much easier for them to recognise at school. Would recommend!

    Hope Williams
  17. 23/02/2019
    Suitable for young and old :)

    I can't get enough of this product, and have purchased about 7 of these now!! Some for my kids backpacks/lunch bags, one for the nappy bag, some in the simpler less "kiddie" looking designs for myself and my parents to attach to suitcases/luggage. Easy to wipe clean, lots of designs to choose from, customise colours/fonts, made of sturdy thick material, not too big not too small, great gift idea.

    Lisa B
  18. 23/02/2019
    Just as described

    Super cute. Just as pictured online.

  19. 23/02/2019
    So cute and durable

    The tag is so cute and the perfect size, so easy to attach to the bag!

    Nicole P
  20. 20/02/2019

    Nice colourful and durable Bag Tag for a school bag :-)

    Gemma Hockey
  21. 20/02/2019
    Very happy

    Love our Bag Tag, my daughter was happy and I’m happy with quality!

    Emily Downey
  22. 20/02/2019
    Designer bag tag

    Very quick delivery. I ordered a few days before school started and I got it early. I had plenty of time to put it on the school bag.

  23. 19/02/2019
    Fantastic quality

    Very happy. My daughter's has lasted two years on her school bag while still looking brand new!

    Sarah Larsen
  24. 19/02/2019
    Bag tag is great!

    I received the Bag Tag at same time as daycare labels. It's perfect for my daughter's school bag for daycare!

    Ellen Wylie
  25. 19/02/2019

    My son's batman bag tag was exactly as he chose. His name is nice and big so he can find is name clearly. Thank you so much for your quality bag tag.

    Rachel Rae
  26. 18/02/2019
    Cute bag tag

    Pretty durable tags, great designs and formats to pick from!

    J Black
  27. 17/02/2019
    Quality Product

    Great bag tag for my daughter’s primary school bag. Name and picture are very clear and the colours are vibrant. Very happy.

    Jessica Smith
  28. 14/02/2019
    Bag Tags

    Beautiful, colourful & good quality

    Luise Wotton
  29. 14/02/2019
    Great product

    Loved them and so did my grandsons. Always great customer service too!

    Debbie Thompson
  30. 14/02/2019
    Just awesome

    Such a brilliant product!

    Tanya Menz
  31. 14/02/2019
    Pretty Stuff

    My daughter loves it coz it's very pretty!

  32. 13/02/2019

    My toddler loves his dinosaur bag tag.

    Amber Renton
  33. 13/02/2019

    Such nice labels for my daughter's things for school, so happy I found this website. Being from Ireland there were very few colourful beautiful options for labels to get here, delivery was fast and so happy with them when they arrived.

    Kerrie dunne
  34. 13/02/2019

    Little girl is obsessed with unicorns, bag tag is perfect for her back pack for school, we get so many compliments about it!!

    Kerrie dunne
  35. 12/02/2019
    Great bag tags!!!

    I absolutely recommend these bag tags, I love it and worth buying this for my little one.

    Erica D.Nair
  36. 11/02/2019
    Great quality

    Great quality, helpful instructions, great design, speedy delivery. Highly recommend.

    Jo-Anne Burkamshaw
  37. 11/02/2019
    Speedy Delivery

    Purchasing online and choosing the design was so easy. I paid a little extra for express delivery which did not disappoint. I received information regarding tracking and I received my daughter's little parcel in under a week from purchase. She was so excited as she started school for the first time this year.

    Cathy Hocking
  38. 10/02/2019
    Great product

    Great product. Quick delivery.

    Leigh Mathews
  39. 8/02/2019
    Absolutely love it!!

    This Bag Tag is perfect for school bags! Looks great, hardy and great value! Will definitely be buying more for our luggage!

    Laura Vines
  40. 6/02/2019
    Bag Tags

    Very good quality tag, my son loved it!

    Gunjan Kapoor
  41. 5/02/2019
    Great Quality

    Great quality and super cute. My kids absolutely loved them. Printed very clear and sets them apart from their peers as everyone has the same school bag.

    Raquel Ruge
  42. 4/02/2019
    Fantastic and sturdy

    Best value for money. The tag is a decent size and very durable. I am extremely happy with this product. It should last for ages.

    Amanda Faux
  43. 4/02/2019
    Wish you could change font colour

    I really like the bag tag, but I find the white print on the gray construction design is a bit hard to read. Would be great if I could choose between black or white, I think the black would show up better. Other than that, very happy with the product.

    Taryn Cuttler
  44. 3/02/2019
    Great quality!

    Tag is of a good quality and lasts really long. The fonts were also very clearly printed and as a whole, very well done!

    Raudah Rahman
  45. 3/02/2019
    Very happy

    Very happy with my daughter's Bag Tag for school, it sets her bag apart from everyone else as they all have the same bag.

    Elle Teather
  46. 1/02/2019
    Great Quality

    Excellent Bag tag

  47. 1/02/2019
    Excellent product

    Excellent product, Colourful design. Quick postage. Very happy.

  48. 30/01/2019
    Happy kids

    Ordered for my daughter starting Kindy and my older daughter (year 4) is so jealous, I am going to need to order one for her now! Pretty, lovely colours and seems good quality, will take some knocks I'm sure.

    Michelle Smith
  49. 30/01/2019
    Great for school

    Very happy with the prompt delivery.

    Rebecca Cole
  50. 30/01/2019
    Just great!

    My kids got to pick the designs - that was the longest part of the whole process! So many great designs to chose from. I wish there was also an option for a buckle strap to attach to bags, as the plastic strap is a little long.

    Jo Carey
  51. 30/01/2019
    Good price and value

    Excellent Bag tag

  52. 30/01/2019
    Beautiful design

    Great quality! Love all the designs. Will order them again!

    chowdary Tarun
  53. 28/01/2019
    Great quality

    Bought two of these, I let my son and daughter pick their design. They are so excited to use them on their school bags. Very happy.

    Rebecca White
  54. 26/01/2019
    Loved them

    I received my product within 2 days of placing an order and they were exactly what I had expected. I ordered two and am so happy with them that I will be purchasing more off this site for my kids.

    Sheridan Clarke
  55. 25/01/2019
    Excellent quality

    I ordered 3 of these bag tags. I love the images, they’re excellent quality and they last longer than a school year!

  56. 24/01/2019
    Very happy

    Just what we needed for our son starting kinder!

    Holly kirkham
  57. 24/01/2019
    Lasted all year!!

    I got two of these to put on my sons school and lunch bags. They lasted all year without breaking or any of the design fading despite the bags being left in the sun all day and then thrown and trampled multiple times a week! I would highly recommend them - so much so that I have ordered another two this year!

  58. 23/01/2019
    Boys loved them

    My 5yr old starts prep this year and my 4yr old starts kindergarten, they both chose their own bag tags and love them!

    Chantelle Dowlin
  59. 23/01/2019
    Great way to start the year.

    I order my girls one of these at the start of each year. They are bright, durable and inexpensive for a custom product.

    Megan Lee
  60. 23/01/2019
    Fantastic product

    Cute designs, tough materials used and super speedy and convenient service. My son is so excited with his bag tag!

    Rachel Bannon
  61. 23/01/2019
    Great quality

    A great quality and versatile tag. It’s a good large size and with its individual design, it will help my daughter identify her bag when it’s mixed in with all the other same school bags.

  62. 22/01/2019
    5 stars

    Great product!

  63. 21/01/2019
    Love the quality and design

    Absolutely love the design and quality of the product :)
    Will ordering them every year for new designs!

  64. 18/01/2019

    These bag tags are great quality & make it easy for my daughter to identify her bag when she forgets where she put it on the bag rack! :-)

    Jessica H
  65. 18/01/2019
    Bag Tags

    Well made, haven't had a chance to use them yet on school bags but kids were delighted with the finished product.

    Alex Durrant
  66. 16/01/2019
    Yearly tradition

    Absolutely love the finished product
    So durable
    I will be ordering every year for my daughters school bags ☺️

    Meleesa Daly
  67. 14/01/2019
    Great quality

    Great quality bag tag with cute designs my child loved it.

    Rhonda Kan
  68. 10/01/2019
    Bag tag

    Excellent price

    Robyn Attenborough
  69. 10/01/2019
    Cute and strong!

    The perfect bag tag to help my son identify his bag at daycare! Love the cute designs and they are thick too, so they feel strong and not flimsy at all, like others we have bought elsewhere in the past.

    Sarah McConville
  70. 10/01/2019

    Nice, bright, clear printed bag tag that co-ordinates with my child’s name tag products. There is ample space on the back to add additional information with a permanent marker if you need too.

    Kelly golding
  71. 9/01/2019
    Beautiful designs and quality

    I had two of these made for my kids and the quality is amazing and the appearance of designs makes the decision of which image to choose very difficult. They are all so nice!

    Elizabeth Beresneva
  72. 6/01/2019
    Excellent Quality

    Excellent product, colourful design.

    Aman Agarwal
  73. 5/01/2019
    Sturdy and sweet

    Great quality material and cute print. Bought for little one’s school or travel bag. I might get myself one for my own luggage!

  74. 3/01/2019
    Very Cute and long lasting

    Item has lasted throughout the year and still looks brand new!

    Kathleen Roberts
  75. 1/01/2019
    We love these tags!

    We have to use a school branded bag which meant we needed something eye catching so my preppy could tell his bag apart from the rest of the class. These are perfect! They are a decent size so stand out from the crowd and are good quality. We've since bought more bag tags for his library and swimming bag.

    Chloe P
  76. 31/12/2018
    Love these!

    My son has had these bag tags for years, they last very well. My daughter (who is about to start school) immediately requested one for her bag to be just like her big brother! Love the variety and the ability to personalise.

  77. 29/12/2018
    Easy to find

    Not only does my little girl love her bag tag, it sets hers apart from everyone else and is easy to find when they all drop them in a pile!

    Vyvyan Cartwright
  78. 27/12/2018
    We love it

    Daughter loves her bag tag, hubby loves the price and it hasn't broken, I love that it matches the picture on her name labels. I need to buy more for the other kids, makes finding their bag easier in a class full of identical school bags!

    Jess Pohlner
  79. 25/12/2018
    Just perfect

    It’s exactly what I was looking for & arrived very quickly too!

    Kim Goodwin
  80. 25/12/2018
    School bag tag

    Great bag tag for my little one. The design is nice, quality is fab, I could put a lot of info on her tag, full name and my mobile number.

    Julie Tran
  81. 24/12/2018

    Good quality and design.

    Jenny Meffert
  82. 22/12/2018
    Great bag tags for kids

    Ordered these as a Christmas stocking filler for each of my kids. They look great, colours are vibrant and great quality print. Can't yet comment on how long the product will wear and last, but so far I am happy.

    J Cardno
  83. 18/12/2018
    Doubles as a gift tag!

    Decent sized tag and appealing colours. I used this as a gift tag for Christmas presents.

    Rhonda So
  84. 16/12/2018
    Very cute bag tags

    Love the quality of the bag tag. Nicely done and very beautiful.

    Nur Afisah
  85. 15/12/2018

    Great for school bags.

  86. 11/12/2018

    Would buy it again!!

    Carmen Bonner
  87. 9/12/2018
    Cute bag tag and great quality

    I have purchased these before and again it hasn’t let me down. My son has had one on his bag for 3 years and it’s still in good condition. This one I bought for my daughter and I know it will last for ages and she loves it!

    Heidi O
  88. 6/12/2018

    I love these bag tags. I buy one every year for my kids!

    Leilani McIntosh
  89. 2/12/2018
    Great Tags

    Good quality, good choice of designs and an easy process to buy.

    Julia Crompton
  90. 29/11/2018
    Cute and functional

    These bag tags are so cute and my children love to choose a design to match their lunch bag each year. They are durable enough to last all year and makes it easy to identify their school bag amongst all the other identical bags.

    Leith McGahey
  91. 27/11/2018
    Outstanding products

    I bought two for my grandchildren, very pleased with them, cute and excellent quality, so impressed with your products.

    Merle Carrett
  92. 27/11/2018
    Great product

    I ordered this for my toddler's day care bag and he absolutely loves it. It's very durable and strong yet flexible so can be attached to a wide bag handle. It has been in use for a few weeks now and is still in perfect condition.

  93. 27/11/2018
    Awesome product

    Always happy with the Bright Star Kids bag tags. I’ve given many as gifts and they’ve been well received!

    Mariad O'Gorman
  94. 26/11/2018

    Love these tags, they arrived quickly and will be perfect for school bags.

    Carly Landreth
  95. 25/11/2018
    Hardwearing and bright

    My son has the jungle tag and for some reason every kid is obsessed with it! Perfect for attaching to our every day bag, I am never concerned if someone has a dupe in our mothers group as Ben and I can always quickly identify his bag and at a year of age he now knows which is his by looking for the tag! It's been a year now and the tag is hardwearing and hardly showing a scratch.

    Jessica DeAngelis
  96. 23/11/2018
    Sturdy yet flexible

    Bought for all the bubs in my mother’s group as a Christmas present. Love the personalisation!

  97. 22/11/2018
    Great quality

    Fantastic quality tags. Nice and strong and very durable. Designs are cute. A little expensive for a tag, but worth it for the quality.

    Laura Boulougouris
  98. 13/11/2018
    Excellent product!

    These bag tags are really great quality. They are so robust - after a year of school they still look good as new. Master 5 tried to break his but thankfully no luck for him!

    Narelle Simm
  99. 31/10/2018
    Really Pretty

    Our unicorn bag tag has been a big hit. My daughter loves it, seems really good quality and easy to attach.

    Katherine Alexander
  100. 17/10/2018
    Durable and beautiful!

    We have been using this for a month now, hanging on the school bag. It is still in a pristine condition. Highly recommended!

  101. 3/10/2018
    Great product!

    I absolutely love this product! It's great quality, super durable and just all round cute! My son was super excited when it arrived.

    Alisha Maguire
  102. 29/09/2018
    Very cool

    My son loves his new bag tag for Kindy! So much nicer than writing on the bag and when he starts school next year it will make it easier to find his bag.

    Lauren Dzidic
  103. 29/09/2018
    So cute!

    I bought this for my daughter's daycare bag, great size and really cute design! Would have liked the option to change the font though.

    Lauren Dzidic
  104. 19/09/2018
    Arrived in good condition

    Very cute bag tag and very durable.

  105. 18/09/2018
    Good Result!

    Just received this bag tag and happy with the result. Recommended!

  106. 13/09/2018

    Purchased this for my son’s child care bag. Quick postage, and awesome product. Has lasted and still in good condition months later.

  107. 10/09/2018
    Durable and cute

    My 22-month-old daughter has been using this on her backpack for 4 months now and it looks as good as new. So sturdy and we love the cute print!

  108. 28/08/2018
    Cute and very good value for money

    I ordered two of these (owl and ice cream) for my twins. I loved both, but I find that the font used for the owl design doesn't work very well with numbers (I had put in my daughter's name and our mobile number). Nevertheless, it's not a big issue with me, as it's still readable anyways (just have to take a closer look), and her name came out looking fine.

  109. 23/08/2018
    great product

    Grandson loved it, thank you! Good size, and easy to attach.

    Roselyn Chrisp
  110. 14/08/2018
    My daughter loves her new bag tag

    My daughter loves soccer that's why I chose this design. she loves her new bag tag.

    Joanna Butcher
  111. 12/08/2018
    Very good quality product and great customer service

    Very happy with the quality of the product and when I asked for the delivery details the staff was also very helpful. Thanks

    Ozge Rock
  112. 8/08/2018

    I ordered these to go with the Princess range of sticky labels for our daughter's school uniform. The quality is wonderful

    Joanne Parker
  113. 8/08/2018

    So pleased I discovered these brilliant bag tags. The quality is amazing and just what we needed for our daughters book/sports bags for school.

    Joanne Parker
  114. 6/08/2018
    Bag Tag

    Beautiful bright colours on bag tag. Seems very strong and is wearing well.

    Emily Donnell
  115. 6/08/2018
    Bag Tag

    Fast delivery, good quality bag tag with bright colours - seems to be holding up well!

    Emily Donnell
  116. 2/08/2018

    My son loves his fire truck bag tag. Looks great.

    Eileen Salisbury
  117. 31/07/2018
    Great tag

    Great quality plastic and printing.

    Kate Bridges
  118. 29/07/2018
    Bag Tags

    I have just ordered 6 bag tags and received them a couple of days later. They look great and it was a fast service.

    Bronwyn Richards
  119. 26/07/2018
    Perfect for my Pre-schooler

    This is such a cute bag tag. Perfect for my daughter's kindy bag. Good quality print and tag, was even nicer than I thought it would be. Highly recommend.

  120. 23/07/2018

    Great quality. Nice and firm with quality print. Very happy with the quick make and delivery of this product.

    Ashleigh Wieland
  121. 18/07/2018
    Great product

    This bag tag looks exactly as it did on the website, and my daughter loves it. The tag arrived quickly and was a good price. I will definitely order again.

  122. 17/07/2018
    Excellent Party Favours!

    Bought these handy bag tags for my kids' schoolmates and most of them are using it on their bags. Great product with nice designs & so durable!

    Gladys Teo
  123. 10/07/2018
    Great product

    Great price and very prompt delivery. Very happy with the quality of the product!

    Natalie McIntyre
  124. 3/07/2018
    Beautiful quality image

    Highly recommend this product...I’m buying them as gifts for friends children now.

  125. 3/07/2018
    Highly recommend

    Great quality, tag is still in great condition 12 months later.

  126. 30/06/2018
    Nice for daycare

    A nice tag for a child’s daycare pack, I also use it on soft toys so they don’t go missing at daycare. A little disappointing that the tag is only one-sided, otherwise it would be awesome!

  127. 30/06/2018
    Great quality and customer service

    The quality of this bag tag surprises me, it looks brand new after 6 months of every day use to school. Also, I had to contact customer service and their responses were helpful, quick and efficient.

  128. 5/06/2018

    My daughter has started daycare and this is the perfect size and seems to be nice and hardy for many school years to come

  129. 2/06/2018
    Great bag tag

    Good fun bag tag which is an adequate size. Wouldn’t want it any smaller or bigger. The only problem is deciding which bag to hang it off. I think I’ll need to order 2 more.

  130. 19/05/2018
    Replacement was good

    Replacement tag arrived quick and was of good quality. Thanks Bright Star Kids!

  131. 17/05/2018
    Great design

    My niece is obsessed with unicorns so this was the perfect gift to give to her. Loved how you could also add a number to the tag. Really happy with my purchase.

  132. 15/05/2018
    Great for a Dino loving kid

    Love the tag. Would be good if it is possible to enter phone number in the tag as well.

  133. 15/05/2018
    Love the personalized tag

    Quality is great and likely to last long. The first tag arrived chipped but the company was quick to send me a replacement one.

  134. 11/05/2018
    loved it

    I got one for each of my kids to attach to their preschool bags. Love the range of designs available! The tags were shipped super fast and were great quality!

  135. 11/05/2018
    Lovely little tag!

    I got one for each of my kids to attach to their preschool bags. Love the range of designs available! The tags were shipped super fast and were great quality!

  136. 9/05/2018
    Great print

    Love how the bag tags are now printed rather than just a sticker!

  137. 7/05/2018

    I was looking for a name tag for my daughter's child care bag, and came across Bright Star Kids.
    I found a design I liked and ordered it, thinking it would be ok (for the price).
    When it turned up, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality and vibrant colours were so good. My husband couldn't believe that I didn't pay double!

  138. 26/04/2018
    Great backpack name tag

    Great quality name tag. Print is very sharp and clear and the actual tag itself is thick and it has a nice smooth silky finish. Excellent product.

  139. 12/04/2018
    Great bag tag

    Really happy with the quality!

  140. 2/04/2018
    Eye Catching & Useful Product

    My son loves his new bag tag & shows everyone that visits!
    Good quality & useful product.

  141. 25/03/2018
    Awesome options!

    Used this product for my 8 year old son who always loses his bag! I really loved how affordable it was and my son loves the design which was something I struggled to find, something appropriate for older boys! We both love it!

  142. 21/03/2018
    Ballerina bag tag

    My granddaughter started school this year and was excited about having her own school bag. She absolutely loved the Ballerina bag tag in her favourite colours and the picture of a ballerina because she does ballet also. She was able to identify her bag quickly from the others recognising her name that was clearly and colourfully written on the bag tag. Thank you

  143. 20/03/2018
    Great product!

    I ordered this for my son’s daycare bag. Great quality tag that’ll last for ages. The band that attaches it to the bag is also great quality.

  144. 18/03/2018
    Dino Crazy

    Perfect for school and daycare. Sturdy and strong. Great design that’s easy to read.

  145. 10/03/2018
    Unicorn Bag tag

    I have purchased this one and the mermaid for my Kindy aged Children and they look awesome in real life! Made of a hard material, so hoping for a great quality product, which I'm sure they will be, as all items I've ever purchased from Bright star kids have been.

  146. 28/02/2018
    Super cute AND sturdy!

    I love this tag! We nickname our son ‘monkey’ so the monkey bag tag certainly suits him! He is now able to recognise his bag at daycare because he’s always on the lookout for his monkey. These tags are made tough too so I can be rest assured that it’s going to last!

  147. 28/02/2018
    For the dinosaur lover

    Easy to personalise, easy checkout!

  148. 28/02/2018

    Amazing quality, colours are so vibrant!

  149. 28/02/2018
    Great Quality

    Great quality. Pretty, unique designs!

  150. 24/02/2018
    Big, bold & thing to have on your child's bag or suitcase

    Loved it! Great designs & good quality. Quick delivery too!

  151. 23/02/2018
    Love it

    Easy to use, durable.

  152. 20/02/2018
    Cute product - helps kids identify their belongings

    Cute and highly visible. Double sided would be even better. Bought on a whim when a special was offered with purchase of other products as I thought they'd help my kids identify their belongings at a new daycare centre where people may have had the same things.

  153. 19/02/2018
    Super cute

    Such a cute way to label a school bag and easy to recognise for kids! Strong and durable material and easily attached and detached while still staying on securely! Would be even better if there was an option to add address or other details on the back, which currently remains blank.

  154. 19/02/2018

    Love it!

  155. 19/02/2018

    Great quality and really stands out so my boy can pick his bag out of the crush easily. He loves his dirt bike tag!

  156. 16/02/2018
    Bag tags

    The fairy bag tag is amazing, my granddaughters can locate their bags anywhere! They are very hardy and so easy to place on bags. The design is fantastic, any child would love them - perfect for the younger kindy kids.

  157. 16/02/2018
    Bag Tags

    I bought the bag tags for my granddaughters first year of school, they are amazing the girls love them! So easy to locate their bags, easy to place on. Very hardy and just perfect designs for all the kids to enjoy

  158. 14/02/2018

    I bought this bag tag for my son who will be starting daycare this year. The design is super cute and just right for my little guy :)

  159. 12/02/2018
    Great quality and value

    Very attractive and durable with clear writing that is easily identifiable by kids.

    Joo Lee
  160. 11/02/2018
    Flower Bag Tag

    We love this bag tag My daughter has just started school so this has made it easier for her bag to be identified. Great quality and beautiful colours Will be ordering again next time we need one.

  161. 11/02/2018
    unicorn bag tag

    my Granddaughter loved her bag tag she was so excited to put it on her bag and it was good because as they all have to have the same bags for school she was the only girl with a unicorn bag tag :)

  162. 11/02/2018
    Love it.

    Awesome bag tag!

  163. 11/02/2018
    Great tag

    Excellent tag, great quality!

  164. 11/02/2018
    Great addition for the big school kid

    We bought the bat girl one for our eldest when she started school and it still looks brand new. This unicorn one was bought for our middle daughter who loves unicorns. She was so proud to have one like her big sister.

  165. 11/02/2018
    Cool and great quality

    I loved all the designs to choose from and the quality is great as to be expected with all Bright Star Kids products. Easy to attach to school bags too!

  166. 11/02/2018
    So happy

    My son was so happy with his dirt bike bag tag! It is such a great price and so durable as well. Couldn't be happier!

  167. 11/02/2018
    Very happy.

    This is a great idea it's so easy for my son to find his school bag now . He loves it, a great variety of designs and colours.

  168. 11/02/2018
    Great product

    Excellent product printing. Just the right size. It comes with a rubber tie to attach the tag to your item. I didn’t use this, I found a split key ring worked better for me. I attached the item to the zip of the front pocket of my child’s school bag.

  169. 9/02/2018
    Bag tag

    Great quality and fast delivery!

  170. 8/02/2018

    Perfect for my little ones bag!

  171. 8/02/2018
    Great product

    Great quality product, speedy delivery and my son loves it!

  172. 7/02/2018
    Great product

    Well made, great colours, easy to attach to bags, fast delivery.

  173. 7/02/2018

    Nice one

  174. 6/02/2018
    Highly Recommend

    Im very happy with my pirate bag tag for my sons kinder backpack. Great quality, design my son loves and was easy to attach. Thankyou.

    Kimberly G
  175. 6/02/2018
    Love the bag tag

    I've ordered a few things from Bright Star Kids and the service and quality of the products is terrific. Really happy with everything I've purchased; this site is now my go-to for anything personalised

  176. 6/02/2018
    Favourite design!

    Bag tags make great personalised gifts, and kids are always thrilled with this unicorn design! Good quality. Holds up to travelling too!

  177. 6/02/2018
    Fit for a princess

    My little princess loves her princess bag tag! The name and picture never rub off, so her bag is always easy to find at kindy. Love the quality and price.

  178. 6/02/2018
    Great quality

    Great quality, bold picture really stands out.

  179. 6/02/2018

    My son loves his bat bag tag, they are strong, and the name never rubs off! We keep coming back because the quality and price are perfect to us.

  180. 6/02/2018

    We bought a bag tag last year for our first child's first year at school, and it lasted so well, we decided to buy them for all our kids. Great quality, and price.

  181. 6/02/2018
    Great Quality

    Great Quality , Highly Recommend this product

  182. 6/02/2018
    Fantastic quality

    Fantastic quality highly recommended

  183. 6/02/2018
    Love it!!

    I love this name tag - looks cool, is clear & big enough to read & of course my son loves it too!

  184. 6/02/2018
    highly recommend

    amazing designs makes decisions harder but look amazing and perfect for all ages!

  185. 6/02/2018

    when your child has an obsession you try to find things to personalize their belongings.
    My son is off to school this year and I was able create a bag tag with his name and class on it so he knows they are his.

  186. 6/02/2018
    Great product

    Easy to order and great to be able to pick design my child likes. Arrived very fast

  187. 6/02/2018
    Love it!

    Great quality, I love that it is made from a thick plastic! The finish is beautiful highly recommend.

  188. 6/02/2018

    My young man loved this for his school bag!!

  189. 6/02/2018

    I wanted something special for my daughter's school bag, and this was just perfect. She LOVES unicorns, and is really pleased with it! #mumwin

  190. 31/01/2018
    Dinosaur bag tag

    A great tag for a little dinosaur lover. Used on lunch bag to identify in playground. Sturdy colourful exactly as pictured. Easy to attach

  191. 30/01/2018

    My daughter loved this

  192. 29/01/2018

    Great quality, easy to attach and fantastic customer service received.

  193. 29/01/2018
    Great size

    Great size and a clear picture

  194. 29/01/2018
    Great size

    Great size and a clear picture

  195. 28/01/2018

    My daughter was so excited to receive this bag tag to start Kindergarten. She loves Unicorns and great that it can be personalised with her name! Quality is Amazing!!

  196. 26/01/2018
    Unicorn bag tag

    My daughter loves it

  197. 26/01/2018
    Perfect for kinder!

    Perfect for my daughter’s kinder bag. Love the variety of designs available to choose from and the excellent value for money.

  198. 25/01/2018
    So cute!

    Prompt delivery! Adorable products and we're now ready to head back to school!

  199. 25/01/2018
    Great product!

    A great addition to your school essentials, these name tags are great quality and I love that they match their labels!

  200. 25/01/2018
    Quality product

    These bags tags are excellent quality

  201. 25/01/2018
    Great quality product

    These bags tags are excellent quality

  202. 25/01/2018
    Great quality product

    These bags tags are excellent quality

  203. 24/01/2018
    Ballerina bag tag

    Very easy to put on. My daughter will now be able to find her bag without any problem which will be great as she is in kindergarten.

  204. 24/01/2018
    Watermelon bag tag

    Very easy to put on, my girls can easily find their bags now.

  205. 23/01/2018

    Good looking product. Grandson loves it!

  206. 23/01/2018

    Great product. Nice firm plastic. Larger than expected which was a pleasant surprise. Love it!

  207. 22/01/2018
    Easy to see

    easy to read and see for smaller kids.

  208. 21/01/2018
    Love it!

    My son loves his tag for his school bag, it’s good value and it is a good quality.

  209. 21/01/2018
    Bright and beautiful

    I purchased 2 bag tags and I used this one for my daughter's lunch bag. Attached perfectly on the handle and now I can take it off and reattach it to any new lunch bags she has. Very very good!

  210. 21/01/2018

    Very high quality tag, I was not disappointed at all. Perfect for my daughter's back pack!

  211. 21/01/2018
    Great product!

    Really well made! Love how it matches my daughters labels and library bag so she knows what is hers!

  212. 20/01/2018

    Received this bag tag a freebie when I purchased the daycare pack, it’s great my child loves playing with it and it seems durable enough to survive that and also handle the day to day use.

  213. 19/01/2018

    My daughter just loves her new bag tag. Thankyou so much for the stunningly quick delivery too! Congratulations on a good job well done.

  214. 18/01/2018
    Super cute functional bag tags

    Super cute, functional bag tags. Miss 4 loved picking the design and playing with the options available.

  215. 17/01/2018
    Owl bag tag

    Great product!

  216. 16/01/2018
    Bag tag

    I love the quality of the bag tag and the speedy delivery is great overall i love the service and will be ordering more products soon

  217. 16/01/2018
    Awesome and easy to read tag!

    Great little tag that is easy to read for school bags. Nice and sturdy too!

  218. 14/01/2018

    Absolutely love the be you bag tags - Fantastic size!

  219. 13/01/2018

    Great Quality and price! Perfect for my sons daycare bag!

  220. 6/01/2018
    Sweet and durable

    Cute, good size. Would be good if they were double sided though!

  221. 6/01/2018
    Very happy!

    Great product, thick and sturdy, good design, well printed!

  222. 4/01/2018
    Great for prep

    Great bag tag to help ID a child's bag when everyone has the same bag.

  223. 30/12/2017

    Great quality and colours. My daughter loves it!

  224. 27/12/2017
    Fantastic value

    My son loves the bright coloured trucks and it is great quality. Will be getting one for the little brother when he is ready for preschool!

  225. 26/12/2017

    My little sister loves dinosaurs so this was perfect for her bag.

  226. 26/12/2017
    Great bag tag

    I have got my kids one each to get through daycare, where several kids tend to have the same bag. They are cute and easy to attach to any bag so you can use them for other luggage items as well without having to buy a whole heap.

  227. 21/12/2017
    Simple tag

    Simple tag that looks durable. Good for the price.

  228. 19/12/2017
    Love it! A favourite in our house :)

    Such a pretty tag! Arrived quickly and is great quality!

  229. 19/12/2017
    A big hit!

    My son loves his new bag tag! Great quality and looks great :)

  230. 11/12/2017

    Easy to order and great for my sons daycare bag. People have commented and asked where I had it made.

  231. 9/12/2017
    Love it!

    Gorgeous colours & goes so well with the wreath backpack. Will be buying more.

  232. 9/12/2017
    Just what I needed!

    Fantastic quality, great amount of designs to pick from!

  233. 5/12/2017

    Great, durable bag tag that will last through the childcare days! Stylish too!

  234. 4/12/2017
    stands out

    Great gift idea for children starting school. Very easy to attach. Kids love to see their name on things

  235. 30/11/2017

    Great quality tag but name is not as bright due to light background

  236. 30/11/2017

    love it, quality tag. Name can be seen clearly from afar

  237. 23/11/2017
    Fantastic product!

    These tags are so great! The colours have remained bright and the tag in good condition even after a year's use. I will definitely order these again in the future

  238. 17/11/2017
    Great value!

    Leonardo loves his new bag tag - kindy ready now!

  239. 14/11/2017
    Great quality product

    Love this bag tag - such great quality.

  240. 13/11/2017
    New school mum

    First time sending a child to school. Such a cheap bag tag great quality and a bonus my daughter loves unicorns!

  241. 4/11/2017
    Happy happy!

    I’m so glad we can get peace of mind for such a small amount of money!

  242. 4/11/2017
    My child loves it

    The tag is quite heavy duty, I’m sure it will last a good while. Also very helpful while my child starts school, as she can easily identify her school bag.

  243. 25/10/2017
    Very happy with our tag

    Tag looks great. Good quality, sturdy product, too. Blown away by super-speedy delivery!

  244. 4/10/2017
    Quality product

    These bag tags are such great quality, durable material made to last, great size and brilliant colour, love love love!

  245. 4/10/2017

    These bag tags are such great quality, durable material made to last, great size and brilliant colour, love love love!

  246. 15/08/2017
    So cute that I ordered one for myself too!

    I have ordered a total of 38 bag tags and the customer service was very prompt in my queries.

    Well Done Team!

    Overall, everything's great in terms of quality, beautiful color printing and lots of designs to choose from!

  247. 15/08/2017
    Quality of the tag is excellent

    I have just received the bag tags and I'm extremely happy with the quality. It is tough and the print colors are excellent.

  248. 5/07/2017
    So cute

    Great quality and cute :)

  249. 3/07/2017
    Great little positive verse

    Great quality, great little positive verse

  250. 3/07/2017
    Love the hearts! Great quality

    Great quality, my daughter loves the hearts

  251. 3/07/2017
    Lovely colours, great quality

    lovely colours, great quality!

  252. 8/06/2017
    Must buy

    My son loves blue colour and this fit well to his needs.

    Nurul Qistina
  253. 8/06/2017
    Great colours

    I got this for my son's friend as part of his birthday goodies bag, he was extremely excited to see it!

    Nurul Qistina
  254. 8/06/2017

    My niece love it! Can't wait to attach it to her bag.

    Nurul Qistina
  255. 4/06/2017
    Love it!

    Will definitely be ordering another one!!

  256. 19/05/2017
    I'm in love~~~

    Loving the product and quality!

    Nurul Qistina
  257. 19/05/2017
    Kids love it

    Will be coming back for more!

    Nurul Qistina
  258. 16/05/2017
    Loved it

    Excellent and very cute - thank you

  259. 8/05/2017
    Love it!

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Nice and strong. Fantastic Product. We used them on luggage. Great.

  260. 8/05/2017

    Definitely coming back for more!

    Nurul Qistina
  261. 7/05/2017
    Super cute

    My son loves it!

    Nurul Qistina
  262. 7/05/2017

    The kids definitely can't wait to show off their tags!

    Nurul Qistina
  263. 7/04/2017
    So cute.

    Love this tag, extremely sturdy and should last very well.

  264. 18/03/2017
    Great for children with 'unique' names

    The tag is good quality and it's great to be able to personalise name tags, especially when your child's name doesn't appear on the top 50 list!

  265. 16/03/2017
    Exactly like the preview!

    Amazing thick quality tag! Bought this for my daughters bag for daycare & I love it!

  266. 13/03/2017
    Personalised bag tag

    Great product, good size, cute picture.

  267. 8/02/2017

    They are such a great product, my daughter loves it.

  268. 8/02/2017

    My daughter loves her bag name tag

  269. 8/02/2017

    They are great for school bags

  270. 31/01/2017

    Bought for myself just because it looked beautiful on the pictures. It is as beautiful in reality. Love it. Great buy

  271. 31/01/2017
    Super cute

    Great quality, cute picture!

  272. 31/01/2017
    Great product

    Good quality, crisp clear logo and colour. Our son loves it.

  273. 31/01/2017

    Vibrant colours made my little girl smile, she loves it and I love the quality and price

  274. 28/01/2017
    Great start to the year!

    These are great for giving your child confidence for the year! Great size and they look fantastic!

  275. 28/01/2017
    Great addition!

    These are a great addition to the labels for the year, perfect size and looks fantastic. A hit with the kids!

  276. 22/01/2017

    A great size bag tag, sturdy as well!

  277. 12/01/2017
    So cute!

    It's so cute & my boy loves it!

  278. 12/01/2017
    So cute!

    It's so cute & my boy loves it!

  279. 12/01/2017

    Great bag tag!

  280. 12/01/2017

    Beautiful tag, great colours my daughter loves it

  281. 28/12/2016
    Bag Tag

    Great way for the kids to identify their bags. Excellent quality product

  282. 22/12/2016
    Outstanding value

    I can't believe this was only $6.95. I ended up buying 4 in all different designs!

  283. 22/12/2016
    Highly recommend

    My son, who is obsessed with fire engines, LOVES his bag tag. I highly recommend this product.

  284. 22/12/2016
    Gorgeous bag tag

    I bought this for my son for Christmas and he loved it.

  285. 19/12/2016
    Love this school kit

    This is the second lot of these kits, which comes in handy when one of the children starts school.

  286. 19/12/2016
    great value for money

    Fantastic for school

  287. 19/12/2016

    Fantastic for School

  288. 18/12/2016
    Great little bag tag

    This was a great little bag tag. Good quality. I would buy another!!

  289. 14/12/2016
    Tiny Pencil Labels

    Great size labels, that have many uses (not just for pencils). Stick well.

  290. 14/12/2016
    Superhero Bag Tag

    My son loves his bag tag. Our order was mixed up and we received the wrong order, but it was quickly fixed by Bright Star Kids. Great service!

  291. 12/12/2016
    very handy

    Great product, easy to use. Good quality

  292. 12/12/2016
    Great buy

    Good size and design. Easy to use

  293. 11/12/2016

    For a child who loves racing cars - this product is fun, useful and fantastic!

  294. 11/12/2016
    Useful product

    These bag tags are so useful for labeling kids bags for day care or school - love the bright & colourful designs!

  295. 5/12/2016
    Cheap and high quality

    The tags were beautifully made and very reasonable in price. I bought a few for different school bags and lunch bags! They are a little different to your normal hand written tags you can buy anywhere.

  296. 30/11/2016
    Good value combo

    This combo is good value for money. The quality is good and it's got all I needed to get my little girl labelled up for daycare.

  297. 30/11/2016
    Lovely tag

    My daughter loves the beautiful flowers. Thank you for the prompt service!

  298. 27/11/2016
    Great Value for Money

    I bought these tags for my daughter who absolutely loves them. They are so well made and will last for ages.

  299. 10/11/2016

    Excellent for daycare bags!

  300. 10/11/2016

    Good product with affordable price point. Material was tough & it won't break easily.

  301. 3/11/2016

    For someone who is train crazy, he will love this.

  302. 3/11/2016
    Terrific, will buy again

    Grandson will love this one

  303. 3/11/2016
    Excellent A++

    Love the tags, something different for the boys

  304. 2/10/2016
    Love it so much

    Makes school life so much easier from start to finish

  305. 2/10/2016
    Great stuff

    I love this product

  306. 28/09/2016
    Cute tag

    Cute little tag for the bag.

  307. 25/09/2016
    Great tag

    My daughter loves her new bag tag. It's great

  308. 19/09/2016
    Fun & Handy

    My little one loves Dinosaurs and enjoyed putting the stickers on himself. It now hangs off his School Bag and helps when he needs to contact me.

  309. 5/09/2016
    Good buy , perfect

    Easy to apply, great design. My friend's son totally love it, he loves racing cars.

  310. 5/09/2016
    My son loves dinosaurs

    Easy to apply, great design. My son was so happy to receive this bag tag. He loves dinosaurs.

  311. 5/09/2016
    Pretty bag tag

    Easy to apply, great design. My friend's daughter choose this design as her favourite is fairy.

  312. 2/09/2016
    Great quality

    A durable bag tag, great quality, large variety and great value for money.

  313. 2/09/2016
    Great quality

    A durable bag tag, great quality, large variety and fantastic value.

  314. 30/08/2016
    Bag tag


  315. 27/07/2016
    Woodland Bag Tag.

    Cute bag tag. Easy to apply.

  316. 25/07/2016
    Easy to use

    Easy to use, have stuck well during laundering

  317. 25/07/2016

    Strong plastic tag with strong cord to attach. Easy to assemble and really cute

  318. 19/07/2016
    Great design for 8-10 year old boys

    Purchased similar tags previously but this new design is better for my boys age group (8-10 years). I purchased these additional tags for their sports bags.

  319. 19/07/2016
    Happy with purchase (again)

    This is a repeat purchase as I was happy with my purchase last time and reordered additional tags for multiple items. Also currently at half price it is even better.

  320. 19/07/2016
    Happy with purchase

    This is a repeat purchase. Happy with purchase last time and ordered additional to cover multiple bags. Currently at half price it's even better!

  321. 18/07/2016

    Good product with very cute print. The label is good quality and hasn't faded.

  322. 17/07/2016
    Loved it!

    Looks so cute, yet to see how long it will last though.

  323. 13/07/2016
    Nice picture

    Didn't read the description and so didn't realise the pictures are actually stickers that need to be applied to a plain white tag. It was tricky to do. Glad I didn't pay full price.

  324. 27/06/2016
    A great tag!

    These are bright, fun & a clever way to label kids luggage for travel. Nice to be able to write as much or as little as we like in the personalised section.

  325. 27/06/2016
    Dinoriffic fun!

    What a great and creative way to label a dino loving child's backpack! As always, a good quality product with super prompt delivery!

  326. 27/06/2016
    A cute personalized tag!

    Very cute, bright design - these personalised bag tags are great for labelling daycare bags!

  327. 30/05/2016

    Love this/ So super cute and looks so good on bags without fear of it falling off!

  328. 28/05/2016
    Great Tag

    Met expectations

  329. 28/05/2016

    Great product

  330. 11/05/2016
    Great product

    Perfect for keeping track of my son's belongings!

  331. 10/05/2016
    Great product

    Easy to use

  332. 3/05/2016
    Simply Adorable

    My daughter loves it as soon she got her bag tag which match her school bag.

  333. 3/05/2016
    Lovely bag tags

    My daughter was happy to see her new bag tag. she loves it!

  334. 3/05/2016

    Great price and product

  335. 2/05/2016
    Polka Dots Bag Tag

    Practical and good for both kids & parents.

  336. 19/04/2016
    Tags look great

    My daughter immediately decided this tag was perfect for her giraffe Skip Hop bag. (She likes things to match). I thought it would come pre-assembled but the stickers weren't too hard to attach.

  337. 13/04/2016

    My son loves it. Easy to put together

  338. 12/04/2016
    Cute and functional

    Great tags for travelling. Perfect to personalise as much or as little as you wish. Lovely designs to choose from.

  339. 12/04/2016
    Totally personalised

    I loved that I could choose how much info to put on this tag for travelling. Awesome cute designs go suit any taste!

  340. 13/03/2016
    Fantastic value

    Great bag tag, my son loves it!

  341. 7/03/2016
    Perfect size

    These bag tags are great. They are nice and big and you can easily read who it belongs to. My son loves his

  342. 1/03/2016
    Colourful Bag Tags

    Loved these tags, my son was so excited to see the Dinosaurs on the tag and pop it on his bag!!

  343. 1/03/2016
    Name Tag

    Fantastic I loved them and my daughter loved putting it on her school bag for her first year at school, loving your products.

  344. 25/02/2016
    Name tag

    Is easy to put together and my son loves it

  345. 24/02/2016
    Cute tag

    Love this tag for my little boy's childcare bag. East to apply the labels onto the plastic tag and very quick delivery!

  346. 18/02/2016

    Quality tag, great size, super cute!

  347. 17/02/2016
    Good name tag to personalise bag

    Good personalised name tag to help differentiate your child's bag from the mass of school bags on the field. Great that there are so many text lines available to add in details such as phone numbers in case it gets lost.

  348. 16/02/2016

    Great name tag. The kids love the designs. Easy to identify & read

  349. 13/02/2016
    5 star


  350. 13/02/2016
    Very easy to assemble

    My preppie loved putting the stickers on his new ID label - yes it was that easy even a 5 year old can do it! Looks great

  351. 6/02/2016
    Perfect for school bags

    Great for school bags. Fun selection of designs for kids to choose from.

  352. 6/02/2016
    Good quality and great for school bags

    Good quality and plenty of text can fit on label if needs be.

  353. 5/02/2016

    I was very happy with this product I wanted a heavy duty bag tag for my sons kindergarten bag and that's exactly what I got. It was very clever how they send all the labels separate and you place them on the bag tag yourself they send all instructions which were clear and easy to follow. The name is bold and very easy to distinguish which bag in my sons for a far distance. Very easy to attach to his bag. I like that the picture isn't babyish and will be able to be used by my son on his school bag for years to come!

  354. 27/01/2016
    Cute tag.

    Can be a little tricky to apply label but I like the result

  355. 27/01/2016

    My daughters loved their new bag tags.

  356. 27/01/2016

    My daughter loved their new bag tags

  357. 27/01/2016

    My daughters love their bag tags.

  358. 25/01/2016

    Easy to attatch, great design. My son loves being able to find his bag easily at kindergarten.

  359. 18/01/2016

    Great for back to school. I haven't had much success with other bag tags, but on this one the name won't rub off.

  360. 18/01/2016

    Great for back to school. I haven't had much success with other bag tags, but on this one the name won't rub off.

  361. 18/01/2016
    Beautiful tag

    I love the bright colour and perfect size tag. Only down side is having to stick the stickers onto the bag tag myself. I just couldnt stick them on straight enough myself.

  362. 10/01/2016
    Easy ID of school bag!!

    Ready made and delivered for fuss free ID of your child's school bag.

    Pia Anna
  363. 1/01/2016
    Good purchase

    Happy with the purchase. Bag tag turned out quite nicely. Just the right size for standard sized school bags.

  364. 13/12/2015
    Bright and easy to use.

    Very bright and easy to use. A bit tricky to put the stickers on if you are not steady handed.

  365. 8/11/2015
    Durable bag tag.

    Great design for adults or kids. Durable & lots of room for personalised name/address details.

  366. 8/11/2015
    Durable bag tag

    Perfect design for adults or kids. Durable & lots of room for personalised name/address details.

  367. 8/11/2015
    Cute, durable bag tag.

    Perfect for my toddler who loves to travel. Cute picture, durable & lots of room for personalised name/address details.

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How do I attach Bag Tags?

See how easy it is to attach our Bag Tags to your child’s belongings in our Help Centre FAQ section.

What materials are Bag Tags made from?

Our Bag Tags are made from a sturdy, yet flexible plastic. This means that your bag tags will sit straight on your kid’s bags, rather than curl around.

Can I buy in bulk and get a discount? 

Please contact our friendly customer service team to find out more about buying in bulk. Perfect for promotional bags or even to use as party favours.

Make Your "Designer Bag Tags" Below
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Designer Bag Tags

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Say goodbye to lost bags! In a world where bags and luggage all look the same, Bag Tags are a must, especially for busy families. Now your child will easily spot their bag among the rest.

These durable plastic tags feature your child's name along with a fun design that makes them quickly identifiable in busy locations such as airports, as well as everyday use at school or sports.

  • Ideal for School, library and lunch bags, suitcases & more!
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Comes with plastic loop
  • Helps stop lost belongings
  • Lasts for years to come
  • 6cm W x 12cm H (2.3" x 4.7")

Our Bag Tags feature two customisable lines of text, where you can easily insert your child's first and last name. If you choose not to include the last name, you can replace that with a telephone number or their class name. Additional information is easy to include on the back of the tag in permanent marker or with a label.

Bag Tags attach easily via the accompanying plastic loop to handles of any size bag, and are the perfect way to identify your child's bag in busy places. For directions on the application of the Bag Tag, please see our image gallery.

Made from a durable plastic, they'll look fantastic for years and they won't tear easily. Each Bag Tag comes with a sturdy plastic loop that easily wraps around the handle of all sized bags.

Bag Tag size: 6cm wide x 12cm high (2.3" x 4.7").

Please Note: Whatever you type in the personalisation fields will be what is printed, so please make sure to double check your spelling.

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Recent Reviews (367) Write a Review
  1. 17/05/2019
    Very Durable!

    Love this Bag Tag! It has lasted the entire year and most of all my son loves the design.

    Natasha Asinsin
  2. 7/05/2019
    Awesome product!

    The Designer Bag Tags are awesome! My kids love them and it makes it so easy to locate their bags!

    Bec Gregory
  3. 4/05/2019