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Regular Clothing Labels

For 30 Labels
These Regular Clothing Labels are very popular as they work really well for both kids and adults clothing. They are ideal for school uniforms or individuals going into nursing care homes.

Quantity Options Available:
30, 60 or 120 Labels

Iron On Labels are safe to use in:
  • Washing Machines
  • Clothes Driers
  • Industrial Machines

You can easily personalise these Regular Clothing Labels with your kid's name in their favourite colour. Adding a telephone number to the 2nd line is also a handy way to avoid lost belongings.

It's quick and easy to iron these labels on to most types of clothing, with cotton being the most commonly used. Best of all these clothing labels are super durable and will stay on even through the toughest washing machine or tumble dryer cycle.

Label Size: 6cm (2.4") wide x 1cm (0.4") high

You can also find this label in a range of Label Value Kits.


Delivery Information.

How do I apply the Iron On Clothing Labels

It's quick and easy. You can watch a video tutorial on this product page to see how to apply your Iron On labels correctly.

Can Clothing Labels be used in my washing machine and tumble dryer?

Yes, once they've been applied correctly, they can be put through washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes.

What fabrics can Clothing Labels be used on?

These clothing labels work best on fabrics that allow for irons, such as 100% cotton, perfect for school uniforms, hats, socks and underwear.

Do you have Sew On Labels?

We only offer iron on clothing labels, which most people find much quicker and easier to use than sew on labels. Once they're applied correctly they'll be more durable than the sew on clothing labels type.

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