100+ Activities & Crafts For Kids at Home

100+ Crafts For Kids

Can’t leave the house? Kids need some entertaining? We’ve got a MEGAAA list of crafts for kids at home. You’ll find over 100 links to some of the easiest, most fun craft ideas for kids & you’ll want to share it. It’s a game-changer!

Here are our Top 10 Faves:

weaving projects

1. 8 Anzac Day Craft and Food Ideas – Honour our service men and women, past and present, with these activities. 
2. Mother’s Day Activity Sheet – Show Mum or Grandma how much you love her by filling out this free printable.
3. 10 Easy Cardboard Crafts for Kids – Art that you can recycle.
4. 18 Shoebox Craft Ideas – Art you can recycle.
5. 11 Weaving Projects For Kids – Improve their fine-motor skills.
6. 17 Paper Plate Craft Ideas – Craft with the stuff you have at home.
7. 17 School Holiday Boredom Busters – Never hear the words “I’m bored” ever again.
8. 22 Egg-cellent Egg Carton Crafts – Cut, Paint, colour, stick… plenty of skills to learn here.
9. 15 Kid-Friendly Origami Crafts – Improve their comprehension & fine-motor skills here.
10. 14 Pokemon Craft & Fun Activities – Craft ideas for kids who are in training to become the next Pokemon Master.

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Crafts For Kids Mega List 

Check out the craft ideas for kids list below & prepare to unleash your kids’ inner artist!

Crafts For Kids – Toddler +

Crafts For Kids

1. Sensory shaker bottle  – Super easy & they’ll play with it for hours.

2. Stained glass window – Let that light shine through.

3. Toddler Dot to Dot – Heaps of free dot-to-dot printables.

4. Toddler Collage – A great activity for toddlers to express themselves through art.

5. Do some sticker art projects – What little one doesn’t love stickers!

6. Free Play Art – Sensory rich art activities.

7. Colour Mixing in a Bag – Hands on approach to learning about colours.

8. DIY shapes book – Great for developing fine motor skills.

9. Make Salt Dough – Fun for the little ones, and a great gift for the grandparents.

10. Finger Paint – Messy, but so much fun! 

11. Handprint Art – Combine learning & fun by making alphabet art.

12. Make a Sensory Bag – Sensory play with food from your cupboards. 

13. Scribble in the Bathtub – Open ended play at bath time. 

14. Make a batch of play doh – So easy, and can be played with again and again. 

15. Do a chalk photo shoot – Cute mementos for family and friends. 

16. Celery Stamp – Perfect for making cards or wrapping paper. 

17. Tandem drawing – Spend some quality time creating together. 

18. Sticky Paper Collage – If your toddler enjoyed making the stained glass window, they’ll love this! 

19. Paint Leaves – Collect leaves from your garden or neighbourhood. 

Crafts For Kids – Kindy + 

Crafts For Kids

20. Shaving Cream Paint – Two ingredients outdoor painting fun.

21. Bark Painting – Collect some bark on your walk to use it as a canvas. 

22. Leaf Threading – A lovely way to engage with nature. 

23. Pasta Jewellery – Wearable art that helps develop fine motor skills. 

24. 3D Paper Rainbows – Colourful 3D art.

25. Family Portrait Painting – Beautiful keepsake to frame.

26. Paper Chains – Decorations for any occasion!

27. Magic Milk Experiment – Science and art in one. 

28. Pressing Flowers – Head out in the sun and pick some flowers. 

29. Stick Gnome Painting – Perfect for planter pots. 

30. Michelangelo drawing under the table – Create your own Sistine Chapel inspired artwork. 

31. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs – Channel your inner archaeologist. 

32. Paper Cut-out Family – 

33. Paper Plate Whale – See if you can make a whole pod.

34. Can you draw or paint with your feet? – paint + feet = a whole lot of fun. 

35. Hand Tracing – Try different hand poses to create different animals. 

36. Tape Resist Paintings – Abstract art, cityscapes, trees – limited only by your imagination. 

37. Window Painting – Perfect for rainy days. 

38. Button Stampers – Makes for unique gift wrap or cards. 

39. Plant Markers for Gardens – For the washi tape fans. 

40. Autumn Wreath – Theme your craft to the season. 

41. DIY Veggie stamps – An exception to the ‘don’t play with your food’ rule. 

42. Glitter Glue Snowflakes – Fans of Frozen will love this! 

43. Salad Spinner Art – Add glitter paint for something extra special. 

44. Marble Painting – Fun and easy, the kids will want to do this one over and over again. 

45. Container Painting – Burn some energy while creating a masterpiece. 

46. String Art – Art & geometry in one. 

47. DIY Heart Stamp – Super cute for Valentine’s Day. 

48. Recyclable Art – Budget-friendly crafts. 

49. Magnet Painting – The perfect blend of art and science. 

50. Fake Snow – Make a beautiful wintery scene, or paint your own Olaf.  

51. Paper Airplanes – Whose will fly the furthest?

52. Suncatchers – Paint your room with colourful light.

53. Sponge Stamps – Painting without too much mess.

54. Cereal Box Aquarium – Pretend field trip anyone?

55. Recycled Crayons – Never throw away your crayons again.

56. Button Art – All the buttons for your cute little buttons.

57. Tissue Box Monsters – Monsters you can recycle later.

58. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Super cute & mega easy.

59. Chalk Ice – Get outside & chalk the place up.

60. Scrape Painting – A totally different way to look at painting.

61. Dot Markers Art – Bingo markers have never looked so fun.

62. 3D Art – Sculpted art for kids.

63. Make Stepping Stones – Hop skip & jump with these.

64. Cardboard Box Town – Build your own town & recycle it later.

65. Marble Run – Where the marble goes, nobody knows.

66. Popsicle Stick Catapult – It’s physics & it’s fun.

67. Air Dry Clay Projects  – No-bake clay? Yes, please!

68. Make Greeting Cards – Make them ahead of time & store them for later.

69. Paint Pet Rocks – Pets you can collect.

70. Make a Bird Feeder – Watch your little visitors as they come to eat.

71. Paper Bag Puppets – No-fuss puppets that you can recycle.

72. Watercolour Painting – A favourite because it’s washable.

73. Mason Jar Crafts – Super cute crafts in glass.

74. Aluminium Foil Crafts – From your pantry to the art gallery.

75. Paper Weaving – Build their dexterity with these.

76. Make Wind Chimes – Experiment with sounds & the wind.

Crafts For Kids – Primary +

Crafts For Kids

77. Origami Animals – These are so so cute!

78. God’s Eye Wool Weaving – Perfect for Christmas decorations too!

79. DIY Bubble Blower – You know they’re going to love this.

80. Decorate Paper Crowns – Because we’re all royalty.

81. Paper Snowflakes –  Winter has never looked so beautiful.

82. Pom Poms – Raid Nan’s wool stash for these.

83. Toy Clothing – No-sew Barbie clothes. Yes please!

84. Rainbow Paper– Nail polish, paper & water… That’s it!

85. Infinite Paper Flipper – It’s flippin’ excellent.

86. Melting Crayon Craft– Turn those crayons into a masterpiece.

87. Clone Trooper Paper Dolls – For all of the little storm troopers out there.

88. Cityscape Sponge Art– Paint a whole city in just a few taps of the sponge.

89. Rainbow Prism – Making rainbows at home with just a few items.

90. Mini Beaded Bookmarks – Perfect for their hand-eye coordination.

91. Single Colour Art – Only one paint colour at home? No problem!

92. Shaving Cream Marbled Paper – Now this is easy!

93. Seashell Crafts – Use those seashells you collected on holidays.

94. Homemade Bookmarks – Encourage their reading with a handmade bookmark.

Crafts For Kids

95. Homemade Wrapping Paper – Wrap your gifts in art. 

96. Fabric Pen T-shirts – Get your kids designing their own tees.

97. Spirolaterals Math Art – It’s maths, but it looks so good!

98. Scratch Art – Perfect for kids who like some sensory play.

99. Paper Boats – Whose will float the longest?

100. About Me Scrapbook – It’s all about them & their memories. 

101. Thankful Jar – A reminder of the things they’re grateful for.

102. Cardboard Castle – Fit for little kings & queens.

103. Puffy Sidewalk Paint – Get some sun while you make your art.

104. Kids Embroidery – This idea is so cute & super easy!

105. Mosaic Art – This tile art is super eye-catching.

106. Decorate Shoes – For the fashion designers of the world.

107. Knitting for Kids –  Heaps of knitting activities for all levels.

108. Make Temporary Tattoos –  Temporary tattoos at home? Cool!

109. Superhero Mask Craft  – Unleash your inner super hero here.

110. Tooth Fairy Case – Impress your tooth fairy each visit. 

111. Jar Lanterns – Lights out! These are gorgeous.

112. Natural Dye Experiment – It’s chemistry without chemicals.

113. Learn to Draw – Step by step help drawing all of your favourite things.

114. Draw a Self Portrait – The perfect activity to show them how beautiful they are.

115. Inspirational Quote Poster – Give them the opportunity to say something inspiring. 

116. Sharpie Tie Dye – This is so much fun & it’s easy.

117. Bottle Rocket – Reach for the stars!

118. Make Friendship Bracelets – Best friends forever.

119. DIY Bath Bombs – They’ll bathe for hours in these.

120. Design your own Headbands – Fashion parade anyone?

121. Butcher Paper Body Tracing – Life-size models of themselves. This is fun!

Crafts For Kids

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