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Round Clear Covers

For 8 Pairs

Round Clear Covers are bought separately to Small Round or Large Round Labels.

They are placed on top and used to transform the name label into a shoe label, giving them extra protection and durability.

Quantity Options Available:
8 or 16 Pairs of Clear Covers

Stick On Labels are 100% waterproof & safe to use in:
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Sterilisers

These Round Clear Clovers are perfect for people who only want to purchase a few shoe labels. These clear labels are NOT personalised, so you can use them on top of all your kids Round Labels, transforming a normal label into a shoe label.

You simply put these clear labels over the name labels, and it stops the writing on the name label from fading away from the wear and tear of your kids feet rubbing over them.

Individual Label: 3.5cm (1.3") wide x 3.5cm (1.3") high

These clear labels come with all our Shoe Label kits and most of our Label Value Kits.


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Date: Thursday, 5th January

Excellent product


Perfect for the dishwasher

Date: Thursday, 5th January

Best clothes labels


Purchased these label 5 years ago and still going strong!

Date: Thursday, 10th November

Great item


Great for protecting shoe dots print

Date: Tuesday, 16th August

Great Product


Love these covers. The keep the name stickers nice and secure and completely waterproof!

Date: Monday, 25th July

Seem great


Put these over name labels in shoes and they seem to have stuck really well! Will definitely use these again

Date: Monday, 23rd November



These are the best products, I wouldnt buy labels anywhere else!

Date: Monday, 23rd November

Best product


These are the best products, I wouldnt buy labels anywhere else!

Date: Friday, 20th November

Works a treat


I was a bit sceptical if these would work, after all there is a lot of wear on shoes. But after 4 weeks they are still on and haven't moved. I'll get some more once the little guy needs new shoes. Thanks.

Date: Monday, 16th November

Great over small round labels


I use these over the small round labels in shoes. They have been in my daughter's school shoes all year and have lasted without any issues. Great at keeping the name labels unworn.

Date: Monday, 28th September

Round Clear Covers


These are great to turn round labels into shoe labels. They do last well with the clear cover.

Date: Sunday, 30th August

Great idea!


I love what a great idea these are - makes school camps, swimming lessons and other school activities where shoes come off, a breeze! If you can imagine my prep son trying to find his shoes among 50 other pairs you'd understand why I love these!

Date: Sunday, 7th June



I got these for mum who is in care and has Glaucoma. She now knows which shoes are hers and the label doesn't wear off when walking.

Date: Tuesday, 28th April



Long lasting, well wearing, durable! The stickers and covers have lasted longer than the shoes most of the time!

Date: Sunday, 12th April



I use half a sticker in the left and half in the right shoe so bub can match them up and get the correct shoe on each foot. These keep the stickers from peeling up at the edges. Very handy!

Date: Sunday, 8th March

Handy for mature people as well


Going into independent but assisted living meant my 94 year old mum had to have all clothing labelled.
Putting her name along with a Dragon logo (being Welsh) meant she felt it was a fun thing to do not in the least demeaning.

Date: Sunday, 8th March

Not simply for children - Easy identified


These were purchased for my 94 year old mum who was entering independent but assisted living.
All items have to be clearly labelled and these were great for her footwear.
Decorated with a Dragon (being Welsh) also meant more to her.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

A great add on to the "Large Round Labels" pack

Mary Baker

I bought these to compliment the "Large Round Labels" pack. Last year I used the round label with these covering it in his school shoes & sports shoes and the label lasted all year. So this year I have purchased them again because help the Large Round Labels last in shoes for a long long time

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great design!

Adeline Wong

This is such a clever item, it helps the label to last longer, especially with sweaty feet, or during rainy days!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

No more lost shoes!!!

Monica Krzysik

I have 4 little girls who were constantly getting their shoes mixed up with one another or their friends...what a nightmare! But since I've bought these clear shoe labels to go over the gorgeous dot stickers I already had from Bright Star Kids, - NO MORE LOST SHOES = Happy Mum :)

Date: Thursday, 16th October


yasmin taleb

Fit perfectly on the shoe stickers, and last so long!

Round Clear Covers

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