9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our School Labels Kit

Now that school season is back, you’ll need the best school labels for your kids–it’s non-negotiable! And because mums only want the best, we’re giving you the best!
So you ask, what’s awesome about the Designer School Labels Kit? Here are 9 things you’ll love about it:

1. Get 9 different kinds of labels

school label kit

This school labels kit has 200 school name labels for all of your school supplies! This value kit includes a collection of clothing name labels, book labels, and the most durable name tag stickers for all their school essentials. 

2. 100% Waterproof Labels

Check out this handy video that will explain everything you need to know.You’ll love how these waterproof labels will last in the dishwasher and in the washing machine & dryer!

 3. So Easy Even Kids Can Use Them

The labels in our School Kit are so easy to use, you can even get your kids to do them. That’s one less task for you to fit into your busy day. Simply peel and apply.


 Image Credits: Instagram @francesca_prano


4. Designs that Girls & Boys Love

Kids grow up so quickly these days, and their tastes change even faster! That’s why kids love our huge range of designs from unicorns to dinosaurs and everything in between.


 Image Credit: Instagram @little_miss_zoe_kate
Personalised School Name Labels
Image Credits: Instagram @myloves.4u2c

5. No-Iron Clothing Labels

Hate ironing? Yep, we do, too, and so do thousands of our mums. That’s why we created these clever Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels. They’re super quick and easy to use. Completely foolproof and 100% fuss-free.

6. Stop Lost Shoes

School shoes & sneakers are high on the list of lost items and can be sooooo expensive to replace! Make them easy to find with our easy to stick on Shoe Labels that come in this kit. There are even some clear labels to go over the top that give them extra protection to last for years.

 Image Credits: Designer Round Shoe Label in Controller Design

7. Trusted by Parents

Don’t just take our word for it, there are over 700 reviews with parents raving about how much they love our School Labels Kit. 

8. Add Extra Details

No matter what we do, kids still lose things. Having too much fun can make kids forgetful! But that’s ok. Pop a telephone number onto your kids labels and it’ll help people to get in touch with you. Luckily it’s printed discreetly under the name so it’s not too obvious. 

You can also add a class name or an allergy, so it’s a handy little extra that’s free to use. Check out the video below to show you how you can add yours.


9. Build Your Kids’ Confidence

Having your kids’ names clearly printed on all of their belongings will help little ones to be confident about what belongs to them. It’s especially great for kids who are a little shy. Starting a new school can be pretty scary even for the most confident kid.

So what are you waiting for?! Personalise and coordinate all of their school stuff with our super cute school labels

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Want To Get Our School Labels Kit?

Whether big or small, we’ve got every kind of label you’ll ever need. The best part? These are all made in Australia and shipped super fast! Mums and kids love them!