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Starter Labels Value Kit

was  $38.95

Save 26%


For 100+ Labels
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Over 100 Labels come in this Label Value Kit giving you a saving over 25%! Normally it would cost $44.95 if bought individually, however, you can get them all in this pack for a low price of $28.95. This kit is perfect for teenagers or adults who are going into nursing homes and need to label shoes, stationery and clothing.
Stick On & Iron On Labels are included in this kit, which are safe to use in:
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Sterilisers
  • Washing Machines
  • Clothes Driers

The Starter Labels Value Kit contains over 100 labels including:

  • 40 x Tiny Stick On Labels: 4cm (1.6") x 0.5cm (0.2")
  • 16 x Large Round Stick On Labels: 3.5cm (1.3") x 3.5cm (1.3")
  • 16 x Round Blank Protection Shoe Covers: 3.5cm (1.3") x 3.5cm (1.3")
  • 30 x Regular Iron On Clothing Tags: 6cm (2.4") x 1cm (0.4")

This label value kit contains all the basic labels you'll need to label your teenagers belongings. It's also idea for older people who need to go into nursing homes. The labels are fantastic to use on various items such as clothing, shoes, containers and books. The Clothing Labels are also safe to use in industrial washing machines and driers, so you won't have to spend hours sewing on labels! You can choose no icon for a more mature looking label.

These labels also come in single label kits where you can see their individual sizes.


Delivery Information.

Can I choose more than one name, colour or icon?

Sorry this isn't available. However with our smaller sized kits, it's easy to buy more than one kit, which you can then personalise with different colours, name and icons.

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?

Yes, Stick On Labels will stay stuck to most smooth containers in the dishwasher (may not work on textured or frosted surfaces). You can watch a video tutorial if you would like to see how to use them.

Will Clothing Labels work in the washing machine and tumble dryer? 

Yes, once they’re applied correctly, they can be put through even the toughest washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes. You can watch a video tutorial if you’d like to see how quick and easy it is to apply them.

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