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Large Round Labels

For 16 Labels

Large Round Labels are ideal to use on school belongings and round items.

They are super durable and fantastic to be used on your child's belongings including lunch boxes, flasks, toys and school books.

Label Size: 3.8cm wide x 3.8cm high

Quantity Options:
16 or 32 Labels

  • No peeling, curling or fading
  • Lasts for years
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Steriliser safe
  • Freezer safe

Easily personalise these Large Round Labels with your child's details, favourite colour and icon design (optional). These labels are safe to use in your dishwasher, microwave and steriliser without peeling or coming off.

You can also find this label in a range of Label Value Kits.

Please Note: What you see in your preview is what you will get printed on your labels, please see our FAQ tab above for more information. If you have any concerns please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. If you would like to get labels to co-ordinate with our school supplies range, you might like to check out our Designer Labels


Delivery Information.

*Days Listed above are calculated in Business Days, excluding Public Holidays.

As we custom make your order, please allow 2-5 business days for printing, in addition to the shipping estimates above. All Express Orders are prioritised and pushed to the top of the queue.

How can I only have a surname printed on the labels?

Simply enter the Surname into Line 1. 'First Name' and leave Line 2. 'Last Name' blank.

Can I choose more than one name or icon?

Sorry this isn't available. However with our smaller sized kits, it's easy to buy more than one kit, which you can then personalise with different names and icons.

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?

Yes, Stick On Labels will stay stuck to most smooth containers in the dishwasher (may not work on textured or frosted surfaces). You can watch a video tutorial if you would like to see how to use them.

What can Stick On Labels be used on?

They can be easily stuck to most of your kid’s things, such as plastic bottles and containers. Being 100% waterproof they’re safe to use on most containers in dishwashers, sterilisers, microwaves and freezers. For further information, please see our FAQ Page


Date: Tuesday, 11th October

Love these!


I originally wanted to get some of the big bin labels, but they were too expensive. I've bought Bright Star labels for my kids and love them, but these, I decided to buy to label my items in a shared office space at my new job. I thought they would be too small, but they actually work great labelling my filing cabinet, keyboard and other items one wouldn't expect to label.
If you're getting the 32 labels, it's not as good of a deal, so I got the 64 labels. I feel like for how much I've spent on labels, for my daughter, son and myself, I could probably have bought a label maker. But these are cute and easy and I do like the variety of shapes and sizes offered here.

Date: Sunday, 2nd October



Perfect for little kids lunch boxes so what you send get sent home

Date: Saturday, 18th June

Great hard wearing labels


I love these labels. They look great and are the perfect size for kids snack containers and drink bottles.

Date: Sunday, 31st January

5 stars


I love your products the top stuff!

Date: Thursday, 28th January

Super handy


These are a great size to fit on all kinds of things. As soon as they arrived I went on a labelling frenzy!

Date: Tuesday, 26th January

handy on different snack box.

Lauren Kang W

love the different designs and delivery is fast. use them on snack box, lunch boxes.

Date: Sunday, 24th January

love them


Haven't lost a school shose yet. Love them.

Date: Wednesday, 16th December

Fantastic Quality, Dishwasher 12months+


Fantastic quality dishwasher safe 12month+

Date: Friday, 20th November



Love them thanks.

Date: Thursday, 19th November

Awesome product


These labels are the perfect size to fit anywhere. They are great for school camps and labelling all the required items that kids have to bring. Very happy.

Date: Sunday, 1st November

Large dots

Mrs Jan Darvall

Great value easy, to use on any container. And fast delivery!

Date: Wednesday, 16th September



Great material, very fast delivery, couldn't be more happy with my purchase & won't be last one. Highly recommended.

Date: Wednesday, 18th February



These labels are the best around and so well priced. I have recommended to all my friends!

Date: Wednesday, 18th February

Very handy, great size and shape


I ordered a large set of these to use on family items, such as books I lend to family and friends, my husband's lunch boxes etc. I put our family name on them and our phone number, with a purple background. I like this size better than the smaller ones as they stand out better. They can also be used for a number of applications like shoes, small lunch containers etc. They fit really nicely on the plastic decor lunch contains that I use to put the kids fruit etc in for school and kindy.

Date: Friday, 6th February

Great labels!


I love these for the kids drink bottles & lunch boxes and they are soooo cute!

Date: Tuesday, 27th January

very happy : )


Great product, very happy with the quality.

Date: Tuesday, 16th December

Great idea for those with allergies


Great idea for those with allergies

Date: Friday, 24th October

Stand out labels


Big round labels really stand out. We use them on everything from sheet music to lunch boxes!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love it - Thank you!

Rindha Wong

Delivery was super fast and great communication from the supplier. These stickers are great, I use them on all my sons drink and lunch containers and they stick on pretty well even when washing them with hot water. I have stuck these stickers on flat and curve surfaces and they are fantastic. Thank you!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Best quality ever!

Ashleigh Hams

I bought this product 3 years ago when my daughter started daycare, my son is about to start and I am now giving him all her bottles. Her name stickers have not budged or faded in all this time and after all their use! Now I am peeling them off and replacing with my sons and after I get an edge with my nail they come off smoothly with no residue! I absolutely love this product. I have even used them in labeling her and his baby book.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love it!

Deby Mawar Sari

Ordered this in May 2012 for my first daughter and now waiting for the order for my second daughter to come.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for books

Connie Heaney

A fast and easy way to label books for school

Date: Thursday, 16th October

They stay on

M Thompson

These stay on in the dishwasher and with hand washing. They even tolerate little fingers picking at them. And how cute are the icons???? My son loves the variety we can create. And we can match them with the small round labels.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Allergy label

elisa spano

Excellent label to alert kindy teachers and others to a child's allergy. Remains securely stuck to containers that are washed often. Thank you!!!!!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love these labels

Mary Baker

These round labels are a great size. I use them on my sons lunch box, bag tag, school books and I even put them on the covers of his games, so when he takes them to a friend

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Emily Lynch

Our stickers arrived very fast, wasy to use and looked wonderful. Thank you

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Large Round labels

Deborah Parsonage

Excellent quality - use these on so many things and never had a problem! Love that you can add a picture - nice touch!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Large round labels

Jacinta Kam

Great quality and cute icons

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great value

Amanda Vasile

I found these dots to be excellent value. I purchased them to use on drink bottles, lunch boxes etc and then the clear dots so that they can also be used in shoes. They are of a high quality, with bright colours and my girls love the pictures available. And BSK's delivery time was 100% accurate, which was great considering a busy time of the year for labels. Very happy!!

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Krissy Joiner

I use these labels on all of my daughters items for school, everyone knows what things are hers' and nothing is left behind. It's priceless knowing how much money these labels are going to save me over time. Thank you for such a great product.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Very cute!!

Anouschka Robbins

I have purchased these labels as a Christmas present for my niece, they look great!!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Can be personalised for anything!

Amy Williams

I personalised these to make an allergy alert label for my daughter for kindy. The quality is amazing and they look great and stand out too. I love that your label's can be personalised for anything and aren't just for 'names' and 'contact numbers'. Thanks BSK!

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Carole Campedel

These labels are so easy to use everywhere (cups, books etc...).

Date: Thursday, 16th October

My kids love it!

Noriko Nakayama-Watson

I bought these for my 2 kids and they really love them! Also easy to stick on.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Dot Labels Rule!!

Nikki Stannard

so convient, they stick on everything - great for drink bottles at day care

Date: Thursday, 16th October

The all rounder

Kiri Brunsden

These large round lables are fantastic! I purchased them hoping they would stick to my daughters bottles and they do... really well. Not only do they stand up to being washed but they also laugh in the face of the electric steriliser! they have been through it at least 10 times and they have not budged. just about to purchase another lot for my new bub, repeat purchases should speak for themselves :)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for stopping my girls arguing...

Monica Krzysik

I have two sets of twin girls, close together in age. This means four sippy cups, four snack containers...four of everything! And they were constantly getting mixed up and fighting about 'That's mine, no that's mine...' Now I label just about everything with their own personalised icon and name sticker and voila! No more mix ups - In fact even my almost two year old twins can 'read' the picture on the label and go and give it to right sister! So much nicer than how it used to be.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

large round labels

nicole rowe

Great for Bub's Bottles and Formula Containers... Have withstood sterilising for 12 months and still look as good as new!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

With love, from Santa

Catherine Beaton

I purchased these for my Xmas presents. They look awesome! They read: "To Felix" on the top and "Love Santa" on the bottom, and I stuck them on all my sons Christmas gifts. This would work with different colours for extra kids too. Better yet, I have heaps left over for next year.


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Shipping Information.

Shipping Information.


*Days Listed above are calculated in Business Days, excluding Public Holidays.

As we custom make your order, please allow 2-5 business days for printing, in addition to the shipping estimates above. All Express Orders are prioritised and pushed to the top of the queue.

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