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Name Labels, School Bags & Personalised Gifts For Kids


  • Stabilo Chalk Pencil
    Stabilo Chalk Pencil View Product
    Date: Monday, 29th May
    Great for labelling
    Bought a white pencil to use on the chalkboard labels and so far it's working really well. I haven't sharpened it yet but it has definitely made labelling all my containers far easier than it used to be!
  • Chalkboard Rectangle Labels
    Chalkboard Rectangle Labels View Product
    Date: Monday, 29th May
    Making organising easier
    Bought these to label the mystery containers in the fridge and freezer that you're never sure what's in them or how long they've been there. So far they're working great and are going through the dishwasher and microwave fine.
  • Create Your Own Tote Bag
    Create Your Own Tote Bag View Product
    Date: Thursday, 25th May
    Create you own tote bag
    This bag was of high quality as was the printing on it, I would definitely buy again highly recommend.
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